Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working)

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Under your management fairness and consistency is when our country man falls 8 meters and no production stoppage in the Processing Plant and the country man losses his job, as opposed to the three Chinese expatriates who went inside the ball mill which was barricaded off and locked out NO ENTRY without notifying the area responsible person, almost got crushed up as the mill was about to be started up, but no action taken against them. All in all, Mr. Cai, your office lacks transparency and care for our people. For instance, Beifang Mining Services cc has a bad track record in terms of safety and quality compliance since inception but you continue to award them the drilling and blasting tender through a questionable tendering process for another five years term to exploit our people and take all the money to china.

Cai, we would like to remind you that Chapter 4 of the Namibia Labour act 11 of clearly stipulates that the employer has an obligation to provide a safe and healthy environment for the employees, but yet you are failing to remove the Chinese contractors who are putting the safety of our people at risk and furthermore condoning non-compliance with the safety standards.

The operator discovered a buffalo booster primed with two live detonators in zone two extension two trim block which was almost loaded out.

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Incident Number In that moment the blast went off the whole crew was in the pit. This is unacceptable in managing explosives and blasting operations. Incident number This was a deviation from the charging plan and also from standard procedure as holes with water must be charged with emulsion or sleeved ANFO in the absence of emulsion. According to the team member the shortcut was taken because there was no sufficient emulsion to charge the entire block.

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Craig Evan Royce seems to be a man of unbridled enthusiasm. His latest work brings attention to a little-known group of workers whose fortunes have risen and fallen with the vagaries of the uranium industry over the past century and a half.

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Subtitled A Photo-Essay Tribute to Miners , the book is not a photo essay in the true sense, but a collection of materials about the history of uranium mining, with historic photographs of miners, more recent pictures of the mining landscape, and several individual portraits taken on the Ute Uinta and Ouray Tribal Lands in Utah in the s.

Sadly, the majesty of many of the photographs is lost in the reproduction. Small and grainy and printed on paperback stock, they lose both detail and impact. As with the photographs, a chronological presentation would have been more effective. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to tell whether it is the author or someone else who is relating a particular passage. Casals became the first to record it and the suites are now cherished by musicians across the globe.

Tribute to Yami Lester: reluctant public figure who lost his sight but never his vision

The world renowned cellist, Steven Isserlis describes his relationship with the piece and why it still surprises and excites him. Fellow cellists Richard Jenkinson and Jane Salmon talk about the challenge of playing it and we hear from the Dominic Martens, a member of the National Youth Orchestra and his teacher, Nick Jones as they explore the piece together.

Garden designer Julie Moir Messervy, describes how Yo-Yo Ma's recording inspired her to design The Toronto Music Garden and doctor Heidi Kimberly explains why she chose the piece for her wedding and why she believes the suite to have healing powers. While historian and author, Eric Siblin, reveals the extraordinary history of the suites and why some still argue that they was written by Bach's second wife Anna Magdalena. Producer Lucy Lunt. Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' took him years to write. It originally had as many as 80 verses.

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Recorded for his 'Various Positions' album, it was almost ignored when first released in Only Bob Dylan saw its true worth and would play it live. John Cale eventually recorded a version which was heard by an obscure musician called Jeff Buckley. The song has been covered by hundreds of artists including Rufus Wainwright, K. Lang and Alexandra Burke. We hear from those whose relationship with the song is deep and profound: singer Brandi Carlisle listened to it over and over again as a troubled teenager; it became a sound-track to James Talerico falling in love and Jim Kullander made a connection with the song after the death of his wife.

La Boheme. There's not a bar or a word or anything you'd want to alter. For the final programme in this series of Soul Music, we venture back into the Parisian winter of Puccini's beloved 'La Boheme' where legendary Opera Director John Copley CBE reflects on his 40 years of bringing this tale of friendship, love and loss to the stage of the Royal Opera House. Alongside his memories of sharing pasta with a young Pavarotti we hear the stories from those whose lives have been touched by - and often reflect - the essence of this most popular of operas.

From the romantic gesture of a probationary constable serenading his soon to be bus conductress wife in 's Torquay to the moment that a devoted husband passed away - La Boheme has touched the lives of opera lovers around the world. Released in on 'The Queen Is Dead' album, it has become an anthem of hope, loss and love. As a teenager, Andy listened to it with his father, as he drove him to work. They had a moment of connection, and when his father died suddenly a few weeks later, the song took on huge significance. When her young son was ill, Sharon Woolley drew strength from this music as she sat by his bedside in the small hours of the morning.

For comic artist Lucy Knisley, the song got her through a bad break-up with her long-term boyfriend - and it's meaning changed for her when unexpected events unfolded. Gracias a la Vida. Gracias A La Vida - thank you to life - is a song that means a lot to many people around the world. Recorded by artists as diverse as Joan Baez and the magnificent Mercedes Sosa, the song reflects the bittersweet nature of life's joys and sadnesses.

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To the people of Chile where it was written in by Violetta Parra, it has become an anthem that brings people together in times of trouble. One man who was tortured and imprisoned under the Pinochet regime in recalls how playing the song on guitar in prison for other inmates helped keep their spirits and hopes alive under the most brutal circumstances. Australian writer and actor Ailsa Piper recalls being gifted the words to Gracias A La Vida by a fellow walker along one of the holy routes in Spain, and how the song has become a poignant reminder of the fragility of life.

For 17 year old Marianne Faithfull it was a song of innocence, recorded in a tiny booth in the old Decca studios whilst happily pregnant with her first child. Meanwhile, author Julia Donaldson and husband Malcolm busked it on the streets of Paris.

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It was the summer of and police hid in alleyways, still fearful of students following the riots. It's a song that went on to win the heart of his wife of now 20 years. For Henry and Christine Wallace, it summed everything up "It was what I was looking for, someone to share my life and the words 'take my whole life too was in tune with what I wanted'. A Shropshire Lad. That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, The happy highways where I went And cannot come again. It harks back to a simple idyllic rural way of life that is forever changed at the end of the nineteenth century as hundreds of country boys go off to fight and never return.

George Butterworth adapted his words to music in just before the outbreak of the Great War. This edition of Soul Music hears from those whose lives continue to be touched by the loss of so many young men between and Broadcaster Sybil Ruscoe recalls visiting her Great Uncle's grave in a military cemetery in France with Butterworth's Rhapsody as the soundtrack to her journey. A concert at Bromsgrove School in Worcestershire where Housman was a pupil remembers the former schoolboys killed in action, and singer Steve Knightley discusses and performs his adaptation of The Lads In Their Hundreds as part of the centenary commemorations.

The Bishop of Woolwich connects his love of the countryside and Butterworth's music with his father's battered copy of Housman's poems which comforted him while held captive in Singapore during the Second World War.

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Adagio in G minor. Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor, is one of the most popular and moving pieces of music but, as academic and composer Andrew Gant explains, it wasn't written by Albinoni and is now attributed to the twentieth century Italian composer, Giazotto. Award-winning veteran BBC foreign correspondent, Malcolm Brabant recalls the ' cellist of Sarajevo', Vedran Smailovic, playing it everyday for weeks amidst the wreckage of the beautiful city, as Serbian gunfire raged around.

Virginia McKenna explains how the piece became so special to her and her late husband, Bill Travers, who died twenty years ago this month, the piece was played at the beginning and end of his memorial service. And TV producer, Gareth Gwenlan reveals why it was chosen as the theme for the character played by Wendy Craig, in the seventies sitcom, Butterflies. Producer: Lucy Lunt. The hauntingly beautiful Welsh song Myfanwy 'is in the air in Wales' according to singer Cerys Matthews.

She along with others discuss what the melodic tale of unrequited love means to them. They include a Welsh woman living in Sicily for whom the song represents 'hiraeth', a longing or homesickness for Wales and another who believes it expresses the 'wounded soul of the Welsh'. A man remembers how his late brother and he used to sing it in pubs in North Wales and how the song symbolises the unrequited love he felt for him. Members of the Ynysowen choir, started after the mining disaster in Aberfan as a way of dealing with the emotion, talk about the song's power, and an ex soldier recalls digging for survivors with lines from it playing in his head "Give me your hand, my sweet Myfanwy".

Something Inside So Strong. Widely believed to have been inspired by seeing film footage from South Africa, of young blacks being shot at by white policeman, he now reveals that the lyrics were also informed by the oppression he had experienced as a homosexual. The song has been taken up by individuals and groups around the world who have suffered from discrimination.

The Choir With No Name in Birmingham, made up of homeless singers, always close their concerts with the song. Choir members explain why it's so important to them, giving them a sense of pride and dignity. The American singer Suede, talks about the power she finds in the song and the South African singer, Lira talks about making a special recording of it for the birthday of Nelson Mandela, as it was one of his favourite pieces.

We hear how Celtic football fans sing it as an act of solidarity with their beleaguered manager, Neil Lennon. In his first interview for over a decade Siffre explains how he still sings the songs as he tries to put his life back together after the death of his partner, Peter. Rhapsody in Blue. Rhapsody in Blue was first heard exactly 90 years ago when it premiered on February 12, , in New York's Aeolian Hall. Through its use at the opening of Woody Allen's 'Manhattan' it has become synonymous with the city that inspired its creation.

But for people around the world, George Gershwin's "experiment in modern music" has become imbued with the most personal of memories. LA based screen writer Charles Peacock reflects on how this piece has become entwined with his life and how, on an evening at the Hollywood Bowl this music "healed him". When Adela Galasiu was growing up in communist Romania, Rhapsody in Blue represented "life itself, as seen through the eyes of an optimist". For world speed champion Gina Campbell, the opening of that piece will forever remind her of the roar of the Bluebird's ignition as it flew through the "glass like stillness of the water" and brings back the memories of her father, the legendary Donald Campbell - it was played at his funeral when he was finally laid to rest decades after his fatal record attempt on Coniston Lake.

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Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working) Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working)
Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working) Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working)
Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working) Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working)
Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working) Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working)
Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working) Uranium Seekers : A Photo-Essay Tribute To Miners (Working)

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