The History of Horseshoes

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Versions cast in bronze were quite common by A. These were generally attached using the "cold-shoe" method by which the unheated shoe is bent to the proper fit. The first machine-made shoes were produced in Note: To those unfamiliar with the practice, shoeing a horse is a painless procedure, when done correctly, as the farrier nails the shoe only to the part of the hoof that corresponds to the human nail.

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With such a long history, it was inevitable that some people would come to consider horseshoes as collectible, but it is a rather niche market. Not all horseshoes are alike - there are thousands of variations in size, material, design, manufacturers' marks, country of origin - and those individuals who do collect will often devote their resources and space to a narrow category.

How to Play Horseshoes : History of the Horseshoes

Of course, many of the earliest and rarest specimens have found their way to museums, and some collectors are willing to pay a premium for specimens with special provenance the shoes from a famous horse or historical significance such as a famous battlefield like Gettysburg , but, as a rule, most shoes are so plentiful that they do not command high prices, and most sell online for just a few dollars to those who regard them as lucky charms or wish to use them for decorative or folk-art projects. Some items that are currently gathering more-than-average attention are not actual horseshoes, but are related: farriers' tools, like pinchers and anvils; old horseshoe pitching sets and their specially-designed shoes; vintage horseshoes specifically made for carousels, like the one marked C.

The piece fetched Would you like to learn more about this interesting collectible?


Check out the resources listed below, and. The History of Horseshoes , by Ric Hajovsky.

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    Babe Waxpak: Horseshoes worn by Secretariat are popular collector's item - Helpful tips for authenticating. Superstition Bash - Horseshoes - More interesting than one would suppose.

    Horseshoe - History of Horseshoe

    Horse Shoes and Shoeing - Photo-illustrated description of the process of shoeing a horse. Their website offers history, links, and FAQs. Michele is a freelance writer in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts. During the following five centuries the development of the horseshoes caused the parallel development of the blacksmithing craft required for their production.

    The Legend of the Horseshoe

    Eventually, blacksmithing became known as the staple job of the time, and the creation and development of the horseshoe contributed greatly to the development of metallurgy. By , a horseshoe manufacturing machine was patented in the United States by Henry Burden. This machine could create up to 60 horseshoes per hour!

    Today, horseshoe manufacturing is a common practice necessary for the production of thousands of horseshoes each year. Necessary to keep the average workhorse on its feet, the horseshoe has advanced throughout the centuries providing protection, safety, and security to workhorses throughout the world.

    Collectors Corner: Horseshoes

    Toggle navigation. Horseshoe - History of Horseshoe. Horseshoe While wild horses roam free moving and grazing at will, a workhorse has a serious job to do.

    The History of Horseshoes The History of Horseshoes
    The History of Horseshoes The History of Horseshoes
    The History of Horseshoes The History of Horseshoes
    The History of Horseshoes The History of Horseshoes
    The History of Horseshoes The History of Horseshoes

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