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Why mastering one area while knowing a bit of everything will carry you far

Honestly, it just felt like a waste of time. No matter how hard I tried, I always felt bored. Instead, I found myself enjoying activities like playing chess or reading books or even participating in my high school academic bowl team think Jeopardy for adolescents. As a kid, I was picked on for being chubby, nonathletic, and kind of a nerd.

I listened to Led Zeppelin and wore baggy T-shirts. I was not cool, and I paid the price for it in social capital. That awkward feeling of being left out lingers with me even today.

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Because I still do things that make me weird. As an adult, I sometimes feel out of place. Instead of playing a game of cards or watching television, I would rather focus on something like working on my blog or playing the guitar by myself. And it really bothered me. Life is full of distractions. Those who make a difference have mastered the discipline of focus.

They may have many interests and a good amount of luck, but the bottom line is this:. If you are going to be a master of anything, you will have to forsake many things. This is the cost of greatness. In his book The 50th Law , Greene writes:. The fools in life want things fast and easy — money, success, attention. Boredom is their great enemy and fear. Whatever they manage to get slips through their hands as fast as it comes in. You, on the other hand, want to outlast your rivals. You are building the foundation for something that can continue to expand.

To make this happen, you will have to serve an apprenticeship. You must learn early on to endure the hours of practice and drudgery, knowing that in the end all of that time will translate into a higher pleasure — mastery of a craft and of yourself. So if you feel this way — like a misfit, sometimes — what comes next? What do you do with that? Embrace mastery. If you do something you love long enough, it begins to take over your life.

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A lot of great leaders have a wide range of experience, though. Leaders that know all the aspects of a business have an edge on someone who rose through the ranks doing only one job.

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Author and leadership adviser Tim Ferriss explains:. Was Steve Jobs a better programmer than top coders at Apple? No, but he had a broad range of skills and saw the unseen interconnectedness.

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Confidence plays a huge part in our lives, both socially and professionally. With confidence, you can approach work without hesitation and come across as someone who appears capable to others. If you ever hit a wall at your current job, you can jump ship and swim to the shores of variety island. No more boredom and no more ruts. That title is reserved for those who have dedicated their lives to their chosen profession and they deserve it.

This unfortunate reality can make it harder to land a job sometimes. While most Jacks usually have a pick of jobs they can do, things can happen and finding a job can become much more difficult.

jack of all trades

You might encounter endless job listings seeking only the most experienced of individuals, knocking you out of the running right from the start. Writer Jeff Goin explains that you need to be deliberate with how you spend your time:. Life is full of distractions. Burnout is also a real challenge for a Jack of All Trades. When there are so many different things you want to do, you forget that you only have so much time and energy to take things on with.


Take your time, pick a couple things to focus on, and be mindful of your personal well-being. The A. Patrick Allan.

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Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades
Jack Of All Trades Jack Of All Trades

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