How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters

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These signs might be significant changes in sleeping, eating, mood, or strange behavior that does not quickly go away. If you suspect that your kids have been abused, you need to contact the Police or Department of Social Services in the county where you live. These departments will investigate the alleged abuse and take the proper action. Citizens should not conduct their own investigations. We must continue to research prevention, assessment, and effective treatment of victims and offenders.

Those treating victims and sex offenders must be appropriately trained in the most up-to-date methods. Support sex offender research, training, and management by raising the issue in your community and by calling your legislators. Make it known that you care. Please share your feedback below. I will respond to your comments! To keep up to date with all blog postings, speaking engagements and publications by Dr. Kathy Seifert. I believe that parents have a different relationship with their children than when I was growing up in the seventies.

In those days my mother didn't work and dad brought home the bacon.

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Now both parents work and family time is a rarity which leaves even less time for real talking. Time is a presious commodity and connecting with your children should be of the utmost importance. Those experiences can set the stage for how their young adult lives will be and set the example for when they become parents in the future. Regular day to day communication about things that go on in their lives will make serious talks easier to have.

Family time is precious and so necessary for healthy development. Thanks for adding to the discussion. They look like, sound like, act like ordinary but extremely helpful people. You almost can't imagine that they have anything else to do. They do not have adult friends or activities.

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They just love hanging out with your child more than any other adult you have seen. They will run errands for you and bring you and the child gifts to engratiate themselves to you. If it is too good to be true it probably isn't true. At least check it out. Check his background.

See if he has a record. Talk to your child about what they do together and talk about. First off, I found this article after we had some friends over for dinner and one of them told me about a traumatic experience they had. It upset me so badly that I woke up at 3am fearing something could happen to our daughter who is only a baby right now. Since I couldn't get back to sleep, I researched ways to protect her from sexual abuse.

Reading your description about how potential predators 'groom' parents, you've just described all of our daughter's grandparents, my brother, some of my newer mom friends, and some of my long time friends. I have my own trust issues with people. Especially my inlaws and my own parents since they always ask me first thing whenever we see them "when can I watch the baby overnight!?

I don't trust anybody, and your explanation of how predators groom parents confirms my suspicions. Who can I trust?

How to Protect Children From Sexual Molestation

In fact, don't. That would be my advice.

Gut feelings ofetn do not work with sex offenders because they are often very good at fooling people. Many are psychopaths and get a kick out of fooling parents and hurting children.

A Profile of the Child Molester and Grooming Techniques | Child Lures® Prevention

I don't think there is a better way than getting to know the adults that spend time with your children very well by spending time with them. Also get to know your children very well by spending time with them. While this is upsetting, there are a couple of caveats. I am talking about adults that play with children to the exclusion of adult relationships.

If you go to their house, they have primarily children's toys rather than activities that adults would normally enjoy. It appears to be more of a child's playhouse than an adult home.

Child Grooming: Learn the Signs. Protect your Kids.

They often have had some relationship difficulties with adults in their past and sometimes act immature for their age. They often function as if they are much younger than their age. It is also important to check a person's background if you don't know it. Check who the sex offenders are in your neighborhood.

Check up on the activities that are going on when other adults are watching your children. Have frequent conversations with you children so you are the first to know if someting is suspicious. I am sorry that these things worry you but most sexual assaults on children are by realtives and close friends, not strangers, Know who your children are with and be prudently cautious. A sex offender does not look like a monster, he looks like everybody else. Get to know the people that are spending time with your children very well.

First, children should be taught what behavior is appropriate affection—and what is not. Next, children must be made to understand that if someone—even someone they know, including a family member—is behaving toward them in an inappropriate manner, they should tell their parents immediately. The AACAP says that while children should be taught to respect adults, that does not mean adhering to "blind obedience to adults and to authority.

Children should be taught to trust their instincts. Share Flipboard Email.

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Government U. Foreign Policy U. Liberal Politics U. Linda Lowen, a former radio and television broadcast journalist, has won national awards for her coverage of women's issues. Updated October 06, Parental inadequacy Parental unavailability Parent-child conflict A poor parent-child relationship.

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Chronic depression Low self-esteem Sexual dysfunction Multiple personalities Dissociative responses and other signs of post-traumatic stress syndrome Chronic states of arousal Nightmares Flashbacks Venereal disease Anxiety over sex Fear of exposing the body during medical exams. January 4, November Start when kids are young enough to name their body parts and teach them proper anatomical terms. Yes, call a penis a penis, a vagina a vagina, an elbow an elbow.

Use as many teachable moments as you can find. Arousal might be one of the most important physiological responses related to sexual abuse that your kids need to know about.

Child Sexual Abuse Statistics

Explain why touching certain parts of their body makes them feel the way it does and who is allowed to do it to them. The answer: No one but themselves can touch their mouth, their chest and their private parts. And when kids equate arousal with love, they are sitting ducks for bad guys.

Ultimately, kids need to know from an early age that they have agency over their own bodies. Nearly 40 percent of kids are abused by older children, and child on child sexual abuse has grown from 40 to 50 percent in the last 10 years, according to research by Darkness to Light. The younger child in this scenario is in the year-old age range. Much of these incidents are related to pornographic content online.

How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters
How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters
How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters
How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters
How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters
How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters How to Protect Kids from Child Molesters

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